2022 Hotel Resolutions to Improve Your Performance

The new year is upon us and there’s no better time to look back at your hotel’s performance, your business decisions, and key learning points that you can apply in 2022. 

Resolutions are not just personal; they’re also part of growing a successful business.  And as a hotelier, you can apply the same exercise to introduce new policies, practices, and techniques to improve your business. 

Whether your goal is to drive up social media engagement, generate more bookings, or increase your monthly revenue, having a set of hotel resolutions can serve as a guide and motivation for you to stay consistent and work towards your business objectives. 

Here are some hotel resolutions you can include: 

1. Improve hotel website design

An optimized hotel website should not only highlight the best features of your hotel but should also be designed to guide visitors towards booking a room. Regularly assess and update your hotel website to improve the user flow and information. 

Your hotel website should also reflect your promotions, events, or news . Majority of your online marketing efforts, i.e., social media, blogs, video content,  drive traffic to the website. Always keep it attractive and functional so you don’t miss out on website bookings. 

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2. Maximize OTA listings

Another way to increase occupancy is to include your rooms in Online Travel Agency (OTA) listings. These booking channels normally have a bigger reach and marketing budget than economy hotels. Maximize your listings with beautiful images, updated hotel descriptions, and competitive prices. 

Coming up with the most competitive prices for your OTA listings is easier with the right software. Using a hotel revenue management system like ZEN Revenue Management Software provides you with the most attractive prices for every room, every day, on every channel. 

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3. Respond and analyze customer feedback

Most hoteliers ignore guest inquiries and feedback left on social platforms and review sites unless it goes viral. Be proactive with customer service and take time to analyze and respond to comments and reviews. 

Consistent positive feedback might indicate an opportunity for growth and chronic complaints might be pointing to a serious problem in your operations. Streamline the process with a hotel reputation management system to help you manage data. 

4. Train staff in hotel management systems

A hotel’s successful digital transformation doesn’t just stop at the executive level. Your staff and employees need to also be trained in using hotel management systems to increase their efficiency and knowledge, and improve performance. 

Plan out seminars and workshops with a hotel consulting company like ZEN Hospitality Solutions  on how employees can maximize your hotel systems to clear daily tasks, increase productivity, and reduce errors in bookings and billing. 

5. Implement new hotel technology and techniques

The hospitality industry is always changing. Trends come and go, and new technology is always being unveiled. Staying updated with what’s happening in the market and setting aside resources to implement improvements is key to growth. 

Frequently check hotel news websites, blogs, and social media to find out how you can improve your performance. Introduce new hotel management systems, techniques, offers, and promotions. Evolve with the market and be ready to make changes when necessary. 

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Hotel resolutions help you reflect on how your hotel performed in the past and how you can do better in the new year. It’s a simple way to take accountability for your growth or stagnation. Keep a physical list of your hotel resolutions to remind yourself and your team of what you aim to achieve in the next 12 months. 

Looking to upgrade your hotel management systems in the new year? Check out ZEN Hospitality Solutions. We’ll help you find the right software to address your needs, increase occupancy, and maximize revenue. Talk to an expert today.  

Article by Ayna Gonzales