The 4 Email Campaigns You Should Be Sending To Your Hotel Guests

April 26, 2022

Email marketing campaigns are most effective when they are relevant to your recipient. And based on where your audience is in their customer journey, each email they receive should be tailored specifically for them.

When a potential guest signs up for your newsletter, email automation should be in place to take them on their journey as a New Guest to a Repeat Customer and eventually a VIP client.

These emails should convey clear value and relevant information to the recipient depending on their individual needs at every stage.

What's inside this blog? 

  • What is email marketing and why does it matter? 
  • Types of hotel email marketing campaigns


What is hotel email marketing and why does it matter?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses email to promote products and services and develop a relationship with potential customers and clients with the end goal of closing a sale. 

Similarly, in the hospitality industry, email marketing campaigns are used to bring back past, current, and interested guests to book a room with the hotel. This marketing strategy is also used to keep guests updated with recent news, drive loyalty programs, promote discounted rooms, and many more. 

Unfortunately, many say that email marketing is dead, but we simply disagree. Here are the reasons why. 

According to this article, 94% of internet users use email. Emails have been the most common method of communication for the longest time, and their functionality, advantageous to both personal and business matters, is here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

Hubspot also noted that 73% of millennials prefer business messages via email. And 59% of respondents say email marketing influences their purchase decision.

Apart from the shown data, here are a few more reasons your hotel should get on the email marketing bandwagon.

Email marketing keeps your customers engaged. 

Remember, guests have signed up to your email because you already caught their interest. A great way to keep them engaged is by creating content, not only through social media but also through email marketing. Plus, emails add a personal touch to your engagement, making your guests feel special from beginning to end. When they constantly feel valued and appreciated, they stay loyal to your business. 

Email marketing enables you to spread brand awareness and build trust.

When sending out emails to your guests, the primary approach is informational, not promotional. You nurture them with your expertise in high hopes that they will book with you. You can leverage email marketing to share your blogs, recent updates, events, and more while adding promotional elements (subtly!). 

Even if they don’t choose you at the moment, they would remember you the next time they wish to visit a place – which leads us to the next point. 

Email marketing increases your chances of conversion. 

These subscribers have already expressed an interest in booking with you. If you’re consistent enough with the upselling of your services, subscribers, over time, may turn into loyal customers. 

Types of hotel email marketing campaigns

There are four types of hotel email marketing campaigns you should know about.

There are 4 email marketing campaigns most hoteliers can benefit from, namely Acquisition Emails for new guests, Retention Emails for those potential repeat customers, VIP Emails for high-spending patrons, and Re-marketing or Renewal Emails for people who are considering opting out of your services. 

1. Send Acquisition Emails to your new subscribers

A potential guest signed up for your newsletter or subscriber list. Apart from sending the initial ‘Thank You For Signing Up” email, your goal should now be to encourage them to make their first booking at your hotel. Your subscriber should feel that you want them to experience your establishment. 

Acquisition emails you can send include:

  • Exclusive discount for first-time guests
    • A special discount you can offer to guests who have signed up for your emails but haven't booked a stay.
  • Guest information email
    • A form you can send to get to know your guests better. 
  • Vacation assistance email
    • Help your guests plan their vacation with all the best local tips of the destination they’re planning to visit. 

2. Get your previous guests to book again with you through Retention Emails

For guests that have already stayed with you, your objective is for them to come back and book again. Make it a priority to send emails about upcoming events, promos, and deals to convince them to stay longer or experience more amenities.

Retention emails can include information about:

  • Birth month promotions
    • Offer a birth month discount or perk they can avail of.
  • Local holiday promotions
    • Guests appreciate an early-bird discount or a calendar of events they can attend if they book with you.
  • Peak-season promotions
    • Encourage your guests to book ahead of time by offering a discounted upgrade, early check-in, or free extension.


3. Let your prominent guests know that they are truly special by sending out exclusive VIP Emails

Your hotel VIPs are the ones who keep coming back and tend to spend a lot on your services. With their level of patronage, they should be treated to some extra perks and privileges. 

VIPs appreciate emails that:

  • Notify them of upcoming events and promos before everyone else
    • Make them feel special by informing them of trendy events and special perks before announcing it to the public.
  • Invite them to VIP or exclusive member gatherings
    • These can be invitations for your VIP guests to mingle and enjoy a special lunch or dinner for their patronage.
  • Notify them of new perks and benefits they can enjoy
    • You can send out emails to let them know they are eligible for free transfers, upgrades, or other gifts.

4. Re-engage your inactive subscribers through Re-marketing Emails

There will always be people who will want to opt-out of your services and email list. Provide them with incentives to continue and experience your service

Re-market your services with emails that:

  • Offer free use of amenities
    • Offer free usage of amenities like a spa service or airport pickup to guests that feel they aren’t benefiting enough value
  • Ask for feedback
    • Show your dedication to excellence by asking for feedback and asking them what they want to experience at your hotel.
  • Connect them with a guest relations manager
    • Offer a VIP a meeting with a guest relations manager to better address their needs.


Email marketing can be a powerful and effective way to build relationships with your guests and provide value when you take the time to learn about their immediate needs. Rather than sending mass emails, customize your email campaign strategy to match your guests’ customer journey, and see how much of an impact it can have on your revenue and reputation.

Interested in knowing how your hotel is doing? Take our FREE Online Hotel Assessment and customize your marketing strategy to increase bookings and revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing  

Q: How can emails be used for marketing hotels?

A: Sending relevant emails that resonate with your guests increases the likelihood of bookings. People usually opt-in to a subscriber list. This means they want to be informed of upcoming deals, promos, and events because they are interested in staying with you. Personalized email campaigns will resonate and provide the best value for each guest will entice them to experience your hotel better than a generalized online ad.

Q: What are the four types of email marketing?

A: In the hotel industry, email marketing campaigns can be segmented into 4 categories based on the type of guest in your subscriber list. These are Acquisition, Retention, VIP, and Renewal email campaigns. Segmenting your subscriber list based on these categories will help you identify which emails to send for maximum impact and increased bookings.

Q: What is the purpose of an emailing list in the hospitality industry?

A: An email list is an important marketing tool to build relationships and connect with your guests. It’s an effective way to communicate your hotel’s value, promos, events, and exclusive deals to patrons who voluntarily signed up for the information. Understanding how to effectively use emails in your marketing will have a massive impact on your bottom line and reputation.

Article by Ayna Gonzales 

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