Going Digital Gave This Baguio Hotel a 140% Increase in Revenue

South Drive Baguio Manor is a beautiful hotel found along tree-lined South Drive. Guests are welcomed by a quaint lobby with a delicate fireplace and gorgeous views of the city below. Being just a few minutes away from popular Session Road and Teacher’s Camp and having 26 idyllic rooms, South Drive Baguio Hotel is a favorite choice among retirees and older couples. 

When ZEN Rooms approached the hotel to offer hospitality solutions, initial research found out that the hotel doesn’t have that many listings on online platforms and relies mostly on more traditional booking systems to fill up their rooms. Seeing this as an opportunity for growth and a way to increase their revenue, the ZEN team set them up with  ZEN eManager, our all-in-one Property Management System with a built-in Channel Manager and Revenue Management System, to help them advertise their rooms to more people and increase occupancy. 

Adopting ZEN Hospitality Solutions into their system

Integrating ZEN eManager wasn’t as smooth an experience for the team.  "The PIC had [a bit of trouble at first] but the younger staff easily understood the system and technology,” reports the team.

Despite the initial resistance from staff, going through the benefits and results of adopting the system convinced them to be more open to the new software. “They just entrusted everything to ZEN. On their end, they just maintained the relationship. All information from both parties was clear.”

The staff’s initial reaction to the results of using ZEN RMS was a mix of excitement and relief. 

“In the early parts, which they think is a common reaction, is that all OTA bookings suddenly came in. So they felt good about ZEN stepping in and helping ease the access to online listings. It allowed them to include in the online listings the details and content of the property and its rooms.”

South Drive Baguio Manor also noticed an increase in revenue and occupancy after adopting ZEN eManager for their daily operations. From September to October occupancy rates and revenue increased by 2.53% and 139.58% respectively. The following month, there was another increase of 27.47% for occupancy rates and 662.82% in revenue. 

Going digital and learning to use a new system can be an intimidating experience for hotels that are used to doing business manually. But having a dedicated team to help you transition and knowing how much your hotel can benefit from it should make the process easier. Besides, who wouldn’t want a 140% increase in revenue too, right? 

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Article by Ayna Gonzales