Better Marketing, Higher Occupancy, and Other Benefits of Your Hotel Going Digital

November 16, 2021

Don’t miss out on opportunities just because you’re stuck with outdated systems! It’s time for your hotel’s digital transformation. 

Did you know many small- and medium-sized hotel establishments in Southeast Asia still manually record and keep track of operations with Excel spreadsheets, ledgers, and pen and paper?

While that worked out well for the hotel industry maybe 15-20 years ago, it won’t help you today. Because right now, if you’re not using digital systems, you’re probably losing hundreds of thousands in revenue and you don’t even know it. 

What’s a Digital Transformation for Hotels?

A hotel’s digital transformation isn’t just moving all documents online and into shared drives. A digital transformation is the holistic movement of a hotel’s operations, processes, management, sales, and culture towards an online space. Going digital means connecting your operational systems online and being accessible to potential customers through online channels. 

How Your Hotel Can Benefit From A Digital Revamp

1. Better Visibility and Awareness

Where’s the first place people look when choosing a hotel? Google and social media! Having a strong online presence and digital marketing strategy is crucial for any hotel in 2021. Create a user-friendly website with all the relevant information guests need and post lots of photos and content to attract customers. Don’t forget to brush up on SEO and UX best practices to keep your accounts easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate. 

2. More Online Listings

Direct booking on your website shouldn’t be the only way to reserve rooms online. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Expedia, Airbnb,, and Agoda are one of the top channels for hotel bookings. Make sure you have rooms listed in these channels to make it easier for your customers to book. 

Not sure how to manage multiple listings? Try an OTA listings software like ZEN Channel Manager to effortlessly manage, record, and optimize all your OTA room prices and bookings with just one app. Learn more about our Channel Manager and book a meeting. 

3. Better Inventory and Property Management

Overbookings, unsold rooms, and missed payments are common problems for hoteliers. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had a system for keeping track and managing your hotel’s day-to-day operations? Lucky for you, Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) are the new standard in hotel management. It’s a comprehensive, interconnected management software that your employees can use to keep track of reservations, check-out times, prices, events, revenue, and daily occupancy. 

Check out  ZEN Property Management System to carry out all your managerial, operational, and business tasks from place. It’s designed to integrate all your internal systems, documents, and processes with external partners for smoother and faster transactions.

You can read more about our ZEN PMS and book a meeting today.

4. Maximize Profits with Higher Revenue Per Room

Increase your daily occupancy rate with more competitive prices that reflect market trends and customer preferences through a Hotel Revenue Management Software (RMS). An RMS is a specially designed software for coming up with the best prices for each room type and booking channel. There’s no need for you to manually make calculations everyday just to sell a few rooms. 

ZEN Revenue Management Software takes revenue management to a new level with customizable parameters and an AI-operated software that scours the internet for data on market trends, customer demands, and competitor rates to give you the most attractive room prices for all your listings. It even automatically adjusts prices to keep up with market changes.

Get a closer look at our RMS when you book a meeting.

5. Increase Employee And Operational Efficiency

Human error, data redundancy, and faulty tracking methods of analog systems can be frustrating. Transitioning to a digital culture and online system significantly reduces time and effort spent on tasks while also increasing rewards, streamlining processes, and achieving better outcomes. Not only will you enjoy a more organized hotel management system, your employees, customers, and investors will also thank you for being efficient and effective. 

A digital transformation is a HUGE undertaking for hoteliers but it doesn’t mean that smaller hotels can’t do it, too! The key to making a successful transition is to take it slowly and incorporate the best tools, processes, and systems to digitize effectively. Take it one goal and one change at a time for long-term success.

Interested in starting your hotel’s digital transformation?

Talk to one of our hotel management experts at ZEN and we’ll help you find the right systems for your goals. Whether it’s to increase revenue, manage operations better, or to maximize your listings, we can help you find the best digital solution. 

Book a meeting today. 

Article by Ayna Gonzales

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