Year-end Hotel Checklist and What You Can Do Better

Ending the year is always a bittersweet moment. While it’s been a slow recovery for hotels, there’s still a lot to be grateful for. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the wins and look at disappointments as learning experiences for a better future. 

As we near the end of 2021, let’s look back at what we’ve achieved in the past year. 

1. Improved Social Following

A huge social media following won’t necessarily mean you’ll have more guests. But it does mean you have a bigger audience to market your services and increase chances for higher occupancy rates and more revenue. 

What you can do better: 
Be more creative with your posts and share timely content to engage your followers. Explore what you can do with social media marketing to maximize your reach and build better relationships with your audience.

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2. Sold Rooms Through OTA Listings

Online travel agency (OTA) listings account for most online hotel bookings. You’re missing out on revenue and opportunities if you’ll only rely on direct website reservations and walk-In guests. OTA listings also receive more traffic and higher search results than traditional hotel websites. 

What you can do better: 
Integrate a booking channel manager that allows you to manage all your listings and helps you calculate the most attractive room prices for every booking channel on any day. It will reduce the need for daily manual computations and will provide you with data to make strategic plans in the future.

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3. Use Hotel Management Systems

Using hotel management systems is the standard of modern hotels, not just luxury 5-star ones. Having these systems in places allows hotels to maximize their hotel’s capacity, budget, manpower, and collect data for future use. These also increase your efficiency, streamline tasks, reduce human error, and increase occupancy. 

What you can do better: 
Start your hotel’s digital transformation by slowly adding hotel management systems that can help you improve efficiency and increase occupancy. Check out ZEN Hospitality Solutions for hotel software you can use in your business. 

4. Reduced Reservation Errors

Double bookings, cancelled reservations, and lapses in inventory management do happen. But regular errors can cause customers to look for accommodations elsewhere. Being diligent with monitoring all your listings and inventory is a top priority for the best hotels. 

What you can do better: 
A booking and inventory management system can help you monitor and allot your rooms in a more organized way than manually keeping track on a ledger. Integrate an online system like ZEN eManager to reduce errors and increase occupancy with just one software. 

5. Offer Attractive Prices

For budget hotel patrons, attractive and competitive room pricing is a huge deciding factor in their choice of accommodation. Doing research on market standards, competition rates, and current trends helps hoteliers find the best average daily rates that can maximize their occupancy rates. 

What you can do better:
Hotel revenue management systems, like ZEN Revenue Management Software, automatically calculate the most attractive room prices for every room while also considering the fluctuating market trends and consumer behaviors. The dynamic pricing feature takes care of calculations while hoteliers focus on providing a better guest experience. 

Take your hotel to the next level in 2022! Work with ZEN Hospitality Solutions to start your digital transformation and integrate systems that can help you increase occupancy and maximize revenue. Talk to an expert today. 

Article by Ayna Gonzales