eManager Express Impact


average increase in revenue

Via 24/7 smart future pricing


of employee work saved daily

With AI-powered automations


happy clients

Across 5 countries

Starting from $99 $75* per month

*Inaugural price valid till 30th June 2021

Tailor-Made to Boost Revenue

  • Automated pricing 365 days ahead

    Real-time price changes 1 year ahead. Never miss high demand opportunities and avoid empty rooms!

  • Stay on top of your competition

    We monitor the competition around you, to give you all information and make the best pricing decision.

  • Be in control of your pricing strategy

    Define and customize your pricing strategy effortlessly. The simplest way to set up parameters and get your prices right.

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Revenue Management

Up to 30% increase in revenue while saving cost at the same time.

Advance Analytics Dashboard for real-time business performance review and intelligent decision making.

Adaptive AI-Pricing Model – optimizes prices based on market conditions, historical data, and more.

Best Value & Lowest Price Guaranteed

Our product ensures the best value-for-money in the market
and a hassle-free experience:

  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • Channel Manager + PMS included
  • 30-day free trial
  • No set-up fee
  • Dedicated support

*Limited offer. Terms & Conditions apply.

All-in-one Solution
Fully integrated with the World’s #1 Channel Manager + PMS

Customer Success Stories

“The pricing strategies that were given by ZEN were working really well on helping us boost the sales.”

Mr Andri, Hotel Kupu Kupu Lembang

“They are on a mission to transform hospitality in SE Asia without digressing from the basics of hospitality; customer delight, brand ethics and excellence. “

Ms. Charmaine, The Sultan

“I love working with ZEN, they help me a lot on pricing and OTA management, which help make my property perform better than before.”

Ms. Jane, Victoria Mansions

Let eManager Express do the hard work and save time

Our automation works 24/7, allowing you to focus on strategy and providing the best experience for guests