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While the opportunities that Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) present in terms of revenue are significant, many hoteliers are opting to maximize direct bookings through a hotel booking engine. 

But if OTAs can be a major source of revenue, why would hoteliers prefer using their own hotel booking system? In this blog, we will weigh the pros and cons of OTAs and hotel engines for booking and why leveraging hotel booking engines is the right choice to maximize revenue.

What’s inside this blog?

Understanding the Hotel Booking Engine

In a nutshell, a hotel booking engine is an application found on hotel websites and social media pages to process direct online hotel reservations. If you’ve gone to many hotel websites or social media pages, the widget that travelers use to make reservations online is the booking engine.

If you want to remain competitive in the industry, you must start installing this feature to your website and pages because no matter what size your hotel is, many travelers will expect this kind of functionality from you. Convenience is key. 

Why Hoteliers Need It: Benefits of Having a Hotel Booking Engine

Having your own online hotel booking system will put you in a more advantageous position because of the many benefits it gives. Here we’ve listed the top four advantages of plugging a booking engine into your website and social media pages.

1. Available to serve 24/7

Gone are the days when hoteliers had to rely only on walk-ins and phone calls to take bookings because one of the main benefits of having an online booking engine is that it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your hotel is open for business at all hours even when you and your team are actually not, hence reducing your workload. With this in mind, there’s a high possibility that you will attract more potential customers that live in other time zones. Online booking hotel system also allows guests to book faster, putting an end to exchanging phone calls or emails, and waiting for days before confirming a booking.

2. Collects smart data

What’s great about an online hotel booking engine is that it allows you to gather data on how guests are booking rooms, their preferences, the price they are willing to pay, booking patterns, and more. This information can help you determine what packages you sell the most, and areas to focus on to help grow your business. 

3. Allows guests to book with peace of mind

When guests make a booking, your online booking engine can securely accept credit card payments, and your guest’s data is safely stored and accessible in one place. As time passes, technology advances, meaning much software in the market have improved security to ensure customers a fast and secure online booking experience. 

Also, since there is so much information guests have to keep after booking, the hotel engine allows guests to keep track of their booking details in one place that they can access at any time, anywhere.

4. Less Commission | More Revenues

While OTAs are crucial to maximizing hotel revenues, the fact that they ask for higher commission rates gives hotel booking engines the advantage of winning the battle because it is your key to commission-free direct bookings, helping you maximize profitability.

With a hotel booking engine, you will beat the steep commission structure that eats into your revenue through OTAs by owning the customer relationship and driving direct sales through your website. So, why not just take charge of your earnings by getting direct bookings from your channel?

Additional perks are the flexibility to put any information, promotions, banners on your website freely. You can also control the guests’ journey from browsing your rooms to finally booking them. Finally, it also gives easier payment processing as it does not have to go through a third-party channel.

How to Integrate the Best Hotel Booking Engine Into Your Operations

A booking engine tool must share information with three critical systems: your Channel Manager, a payments processor, and Property Management System.

ZEN eManager Express offers additional services including a trustworthy booking engine that is connected directly to other hotel systems, such as Channel Manager and PMS, which all are provided by ZEN Rooms. With seamless integration, this booking engine will help the hotel to boost its bookings, especially with the help of dynamic pricing from eManager Express itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Booking Engine

Q: What is a hotel booking engine?
A: A hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites and social media pages to capture and process direct online reservations. An online booking engine works by plugging into your hotel website and processing secure online reservations made through the website.

Q: What advantages do I get from using a booking engine?
A: There are a number of benefits of using a hotel booking engine, including a 24/7 service, a reduced workload, an insight to booking data and an increase in revenue per booking, as hoteliers do not have to pay expensive commission charged by those big OTAs.

Q: Do I need a booking engine?
A: In short, yes. It offers many great benefits. Additional revenue, flexibility to publish your content, and other marketing efforts. OTAs are still crucial in promoting your business, but at the end of the day, having a booking engine will be crucial in maximizing your revenue for your hotel.

Q: What is the best hotel booking engine?
A: There is no best booking engine, as the hotel system does not work standalone. It requires other systems to make the overall system work flawlessly, for example Channel Manager, Property Management System, or Revenue Management Software. Having them provided by a single provider ensures seamless integration and less issues. ZEN eManager Express provides them all at once, and with the help of AI-backed dynamic pricing, ZEN eManager Express guarantees a boost in revenue as well as in occupancy rate.

Article by Cielo Fernando

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