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Hotel photography is extremely important to the success of the business as it can make or break your hotel, yet many hoteliers fail to notice this. A poor angle, flawed shot image with dark and low quality can drag your hotel’s reputation down. That is why investing in professional photography is recommended in order for you to achieve the growth of your business. Well-lit and professional-looking photos can make a huge difference and we will tell you why in this article.

Why Professional Hotel Photography is Very Important to Your Business’ Success

  1. It sets the guest’s first impression
  2. The numbers prove it
  3. Attracts more guests
  4. Get ahead of your competitors
  5. It plays a crucial role in decision making

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1. It sets the guest’s first impression

Just like when you are meeting someone for the very first time or applying for a job, you put your best foot forward in order for you to gain someone’s approval. The same goes for the hospitality industry. First impressions are very important and play a huge role in your hotel’s success as they can make or break your hotel. 

The best way to make a good lasting first impression is to show your potential guests what your hotel has to offer through aesthetically pleasing photos. Hotel photographs produce an emotional response in the viewer that, at the end of the day, can both consciously and subconsciously influence them to book with you. That is why hoteliers must invest in a professional photographer for them to achieve the best photos.

2. The numbers prove it

Great hotel photographs are the key to your business’ success and the numbers are here to prove it. In an article published by 1834 hotels, it is stated that:

  • 80% of all hotel reservations are made on the Internet.
  • 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • In a study by Hospitality Net, hotel photos play a 60% role in a guest’s decision making process.
  • According to a study on TripAdvisor, travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with more than 20 images, compared to those with less.
  • In a recent study, 70% of respondents agreed that photos were influential in their decision making.

3. Attracts more guests

A quality hotel and resort photography have the ability to show off your facilities and bring out the character and style of your hotel. Over the years, people have grown more impatient online. In fact, according to a Microsoft study, people have an attention span of eight seconds, a decrease from 12 seconds back in 2000. And that human attention span decreases by 88% every year. 

With that being said, hoteliers have only seconds to convince a potential customer to book with them. Is this even possible? And if so, how can you do this? The short answer is, invest in hotel and resort photography and hire a professional hotel and resort photographer to do the work for you. In a matter of seconds, potential customers should be immediately impressed for them to proceed with scrolling through your website and book. The more quality photos you have, the higher number of guests would be convinced to book your hotel. This is how professional hotel photography will help you increase hotel business success.

4. Get ahead of your competitors

As mentioned above, great photos are the key to gaining more online bookings. Professional hotel photography not only shows and highlights your facilities but also helps you get ahead of your competitors by gaining your potential customers’ trust in a snap.

So in order for you to stand out and win the competition, you would need a great branding and marketing strategy, and hire a good hotel and resort photographer to take the best hotel photos from hotel interior photography to hotel food photography. If you ignore this part, chances are, you would end up losing your customers to your competitors.

5. It plays a crucial role in decision making

Hotel and resort photography plays a crucial role in the guest’s booking journey and decision-making. Customers base much of their decision on whether to book with you or not on the quality and quantity of the photos you present. If they see another hotel with better photos, they might end up booking it instead of your hotel. 

How to Get Hotel Photography Right

a photographer taking photos of hotel rooms

It’s simple, hire a professional hotel and resort photographer. It is important to get the best and right people to do the hotel photoshoot as the success of your business depends on it. A professional photographer has the right materials and knows the right angles that suit best your hotel. However, many hoteliers dismiss the idea of investing in a professional photographer because of the hotel photography pricing. But let us tell you this, it might be costly at first but in the long run, it will be very much worth it as more potential guests might book your hotel the moment they laid their eyes on your website or social media pages.

In conclusion, good hotel photography plays a vital role in making your business successful. It accentuates your hotel quality, making guests believe that they get their value for money for the rooms they book at your hotel. While quality photos convince people to avail of your rooms and services, you must also accompany them with optimal pricing in order to give your guests the best offer possible. 

With ZEN eManager Express, we guarantee that all your hotel rooms are sold at competitive prices according to guests’ willingness to pay. ZEN Rooms, experienced in boosting the performance of hotels across Southeast Asia, also offers great photography services as an add-on to the eManager Express. Let us help you achieve the success you’ve been aiming for. Talk to an expert now at www.zen-hs.com/book-a-meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Photography

Q: What is hotel photography?
A: Powerful hotel photography invites you to sink into that huge bed, sip from a cocktail, or dive into the glistening water of the pool. Although such high-quality images require an investment, they will, most definitely, positively affect your brand perception, market share, and ultimately your rates and revenue.

Q: Does my hotel need photography services?
A: In short, yes. In this very competitive market, it is never going to be enough to use a mobile phone, or your digital camera to take good hotel photography. It is recommended to use professional services in order to get satisfactory results

Q: What are the advantages of having good photos for my hotel?
A: When looking for a hotel room, potential customers will almost always look online before anywhere else. As a result, photographs of your hotel will always be one of the first things people see setting your guests their very first impression. If they don’t find quality in your photography, chances are, they’d choose a different hotel.

Q: Where can I get an experienced photography service for my hotel?
A: ZEN Rooms have experience in managing hundreds of hotels across the region, where we have also provided professional photography services for our clients as an add-on to our ZEN eManager Express service, where we ensure that your hotels are priced optimally. Having said that, it is definitely a good idea to start working with ZEN Rooms right now. A combination of good photos and an excellent pricing algorithm will ensure that your hotel will stand out among the competition and attract more guests than you have ever imagined before.

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