HOTEL USING EMANAGER - 30+ rooms in Malaysia

Mr. Singh, Sunjoy9 @ Bandar Sunway

HOTEL USING EMANAGER - 30+ rooms in Malaysia (2)

“We have been partnering with ZEN since 2018. I like the fact that we don’t need to worry about OTAs as ZEN Emanager is in charge of it. We don’t need to look at other vendors or any employee doing similar work as ZEN has the capacity and the know how in dealing with the OTAs.

While Zen is doing that, they are also working at up-selling instead of always looking at checking lower rates. This differentiates ZEN with other players who like to drop room rates.

I chose Zen due to its extensive network and the quality of people in Zen, who are committed towards solving the hotel’s problems. Their staff are easy to talk to and available at any time.

We are also excited by the OTA boost Zen partners are entitled to on Booking & Agoda in the near future.”

Mr. Jasbir Singh

Owner & Manager
Hotel Sunjoy9 @ Bandar Sunway, Malaysia